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Sample feedback from parents & grandparents

Mom & Researcher

We've been wary of our kids' screen-time. Our experience with WhizCookie has been very pleasant. My boys have fun and I'm happy that they're learning maths as well!

Dad & Tech Executive

Wonderful to see my kids having fun with math. They've progressed quickly to cover their grade's syllabus and have moved on to the next year's. But more importantly, they're enjoying maths. Thank you, WhizCookie.

Grandmom & Retired math lecturer

It is PHENOMENAL to see my grandchildren use WhizCookie to play math. WhizCookie has done well to make math fun for kids.

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3 reasons to let your kid play with WhizCookie

Success in early math is critical.

Research has demonstrated that early success in math plays a key role in kids’ math proficiency in high school. The key focus in early years is for the child to have a good number sense. Intuitively, if a child memorizes that 7 + 4 is 11 without realizing that 7 + 4 can easily be computed as 7 + 3 + 1 = 10 + 1 = 11, then she will have trouble working with larger numbers. On the other hand, kids with a good math sense from early years will break down 798 + 584 as 800 + 582 and easily compute the answer as 1382.

Kids can’t learn math by watching videos.

Videos can be engaging and useful in demonstrating physics or chemistry experiments. But that’s not how math should be learnt. In fact, researchers have found that math is best learnt like a language. Kids learn languages best in an immersive environment. And that’s exactly what WhizCookie provides for your kid.

Math education is broken.

WhizCookie is here to fix it.

Stanford University researchers have found that kids learn math best when they enjoy it. In a class of 20-30 kids, it can be quite difficult for a teacher to ensure every kid enjoys math. WhizCookie is your kid’s personal math guide.

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